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Taking care of your home, taking care of your investment

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Spring is almost upon us and, although we are still experiencing typically changeable weather, we are heading into warmer days and nights. Now is a perfect time to start taking stock of what the winter months many have done to the energy efficient seals of your home so that you can catch and repair them while they are still minor.

Good advice would be to walk around your house and take notes on any damage caused by the high winds of winter: Shingles may have lifted, roof flashings may have come loose or detached; weather stripping around doors and windows can be checked to ensure cracks have not appeared. With your list made up, you can take advantage of the lengthening days to complete the tasks that only need to be done annually, included here to the right. For further details or clarification on how to properly handle these tasks, please seek the advice of a professional. Completing a task incorrectly can be just as damaging as not attempting the task at all.

Maintaining your home in top condition keeps your utility bills down and increases any future resale value – good for you and good for global warming.


Condos & Townhomes


While it’s the responsibility of the Strata Complex to maintain the exterior of the building, every resident can still do their part and catch small damages before they become big problems and costly repairs. Simply walk around the exterior of the building and look for cracked seams, roof edges that may look out of alignment, leaky outside faucets etc. If you spot anything that appears out of the ordinary, simply report it to the council so that they can investigate it further and take actions to make the necessary repairs. It may turn out to be nothing, but you may help to eliminate expensive repairs at a later date, which reduces strata fees for all of the owners.




-  Clean or replace furnace filter

-  Check & clean eaves troughs and downspouts

-  Check & repair roof flashings

-  Check & repair shingles/roofing membrane

-  Check all the ceilings for staining

-  Check the attic for (roof leaks, proper attic ventilation, exhaust fan ducting, any structural damage, signs of carpenter ant & rodent infestation)

-  Plan and prepare gardens, lawns, and landscaping



- Clean or replace furnace filter

- Check for ceiling staining below plumbing (bathrooms, kitchen etc.)

- Check all plumbing drains for leaking

- Check and maintain sump pumps

- Check all plumbing fixtures/faucets for leaking

- Check hot water tank for leaks

- Clean all exterior drains



- Inspect and repair fences, gates and outbuildings

- Inspect, paint and repair decks, landings, steps and porches

- Inspect all exterior finishes, stucco, siding, doors, windows, screens etc. for repair, cleaning, caulking, painting etc.

- Inspect and repair concrete foundation settlement, settlement in driveways, sidewalks, steps & ground settlement around the house.



- Hot Water Tank—Check the temperature and pressure relief valve on the hot water heater to be sure the lever is functioning. It’s a good idea to have a professional inspect the exhaust stack on gas and oil fired water heaters

- Plumbing System—Inspect distribution and drainage pipes for leakage or signs of weakness. Look for rust, corrosion, greenish deposits, and mineral deposits around fittings, valves, household fixtures and along the length of the pipe.

- Smoke Detectors—Test the batteries in all smoke detectors to ensure they are in working order.

- Septic—If a grease trap exists in the waster disposal line of a septic system, inspect it for build-up and clean as needed.